Little atrocities beget big atrocities

Yesterday in Australia, a man decorated as a war hero lost his defamation case against investigative journalism accusing him of horrendous war crimes. The judge said that the accusations had been thoroughly reported and most of the stated crimes happened.

This man did monstrous things to other humans. He should be buried in jail for a very long time.

His case was funded by an Australian billionaire media owner who has also funded the cases of other ‘alpha’ males accused of rape. 

I raise this today for several reasons.

Many of this man’s soldier colleagues risked their lives to speak out. A civilian whistleblower is facing imprisonment. The Governor General of Australia was part of the hush-up team.

Recent Prime Ministers revered the monster, even knowing of the potential war crimes.

Monsters require collaboration. It is the same scenario played out in the religious institutions covering up child rape and abuse.

Monsters require collaboration.

The courage to speak out against them often comes at a huge cost, for monsters hide behind institutions of power. Those institutions of power go to extraordinary lengths to protect the monsters and prevent payouts, even as they profess to be institutions of virtue.

Little atrocities beget big atrocities. Slowly slowly then quickly.

We, the people, either stand by and watch, becoming complicit in our silence, or we stand for justice and risk life as usual for a better future.

I applaud the investigative journalist, the soldiers who spoke out, and the whistleblowers. They are the heroes in this story.

The courage and integrity required are enormous.

Photo Taken June 2nd 2023