Little interactions

We have been residents in our new home for just over six months. We are still discovering. 

What light switch does what.

How the sun shifts from winter to summer and where to either avoid the sun or be warmed by it.

One of the pleasures is our native birds. Kookaburras, Rose Crested Galahs, Magpies and Willy Wagtails. 

One of the Willy Wagtails is fearless and friendly. I can sit on the balcony eating my lunch, and he will come and sit right beside me. 

Yesterday he flew into the house and sat on my foot.

It doesn’t take much to fall in awe, again, with nature.

Little interactions are so precious. To touch a tree and be with it. To watch the industry of bees. To look into the eye of a too-bold cockatoo. 

To have a little fearless friend join you for lunch.

To be separated from little interactions – and big  – with Nature is to be lost to ourselves.

Photo Taken June 19th 2023