Little Treasures

It never is the grand gestures. The big purchase, the five-star luxury.

Nice to have, but without the little treasures, entirely empty.

Little treasures. The touch. The shared experience. Holding hands. The steady constant gaze of your beloved feasting on you with only love and desire.

Kindness. The smallest gesture. A smile offered in simplicity. A hand reaching out when life feels hard.

The perfection of a sunrise in all her different costumes. The early morning bird song insisting that a new day is waiting for us to embrace fully.

Genuine interest in the journey of another. Listening to a Soul speak and find words that have yet to know their pattern as they stumble forth.

Breathing in the smell of clean fresh skin…and roses.. fresh cut grass and rain on a parched ground.

Feeling the soft breeze on your neck. The earth beneath bare feet. The shock of cool ocean water against hot skin.

The ache when your beloved is not close. The longing for touch, the fingerprints of the last touch becoming more distant, the space between offering both pain and intense anticipation.

Little treasures are there for the taking, no matter our circumstances. Offered freely, abundantly, persistently.

Let us feast on the table of little treasures. Shall we get drunk on the wine of bird song and grass and cool breezes…of the lover’s gaze?

The Universe of little treasures rolls in ecstasy at our feet. 

Drink deep, drink long from her cup. 

August 26th 2019

Photo taken August 21st, 2019