Longing will not be silenced. It comes from our oceanic soul.

Unlike an addiction that has a crazy demanding obsessive energy, longing is liquid silk. It weaves a web between our thoughts.

Its strongest call is in the dark hours, when we wake to its presence, not knowing exactly what woke us, but feeling this irresistible pull from the corners of our consciousness.

Longing asks us to do seemingly impossible things for which we pay a high price. Giving up the comforts and safety that have numbed our aliveness.

Yet to deny our longing is to live as if something is perpetually missing.

Longing is the powerhouse of our being, the on switch to our aliveness.

It never breaks the unbreakable. It will however burn away all that is not nourishing to our existence. For many this burning is too high a price to pay.

Each day we are offered the choice.

When you find yourself awake at 2:23AM what is your longing calling to bring to life?

January 25th 2019

Photo Taken January 25th, 2019