If we lose the conversation with ourselves..the opportunity to be still, quiet. To not do. To not have deadlines. To not have mountains to climb, places to go and people to meet…if we lose this space…SPACE….then we are lost.

If we lose the conversation with our business, the very threshold of what makes us come alive…our work and expression in the world…if we lose this…then the threads of our value in the world are lost.

If we lose the conversation with our loved ones…the time to listen to them…to be present to their humanity…their joy and pain, their inhale and exhale…then we are lost to the fellowship of life.

If we lose the conversation with nature, beauty, the awesome Universe of which we are a nano part, if we lose the sense of the miraculousness of life..then we have lost our connection to matter. Earth.

If we lose our conversation with death…with our endings and beginnings…with age and wisdom and the passage of time….if we lose this..then we are lost in a small world where fear rules…and in this world we will never truly live.

There is no thing to do, no task list to conquer, no pressing something to attend to that ever is greater than the conversations with self, with our business, with our loved ones, with nature, and with the briefness of our very existence.


Photo credit: Peter Thompson, Echo Hills, Roma, Qld.

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