Mad as heaven

I was told that my first words were expletives as I hurtled down the corridor in a full-throttled crawl after my brother. Anger comes easily to me.

It is a particular type of anger. It roils from my gut when I see or experience injustice. 

It puts me between the bully and their bait. Take me on, it says, and leave the other alone.

Anger is so often misunderstood. Anger directed at another as an attack is an emotional knife. 

Anger against cruelty, injustice, narcissism, inequality, racism, and any system that intends to reduce others to an inconsequential blur or a nothing, is beautiful.

We can be mad as hell or mad as heaven. 

Pure anger against immoral, unethical, unjust and cruel human actions is to be mad as heaven.

To throw the tables of the taxpayer’s greed is a biblical story of mad as heaven.

If your fear your anger, perhaps it might be time to embrace its power to pull your voice from its small safe place and speak for those who cannot.

**Mad as heaven was suggested to me to contemplate by Syntropic Community member, Nikki Thompson.

Photo Taken July 8th 2023