Making things better by making better things

To be comprehensively considerate requires a discipline few enterprises design for.

If we do this what will be the field effect? The good, and the potentially harmful?

Not just tomorrow, but in the next generation, and the one after that.

If there is a potential harm from our technology, our product, our service, what might it be and how might we design checks and balances into the system? Even better, might we expand our innovative consideration and build into the system the antidote to the potential harm?

Does this serve the Common Wealth of humanity?

These are BIG questions. They are counter questions to the ‘go hard and break things’ mythology. 

To be able to answer these questions we do need to take the most Universal perspective possible. This would include inviting others into this considered dialogue, people who have both a capacity and rigour to see futures and altitudes – people who ask the very uncomfortable questions we might not ask for fear of having our idea torpedoed.

Our innovation culture has become lazy. In the haste to build the next Unicorn we produce the very monster we are trying to solve for.

We can make things better by making better things. Sounds easy. It is not. 

Our Earth and all her creatures are urgently counting on us to radically improve how we make better things.

May 10th 2019

Photo taken May 10th, 2019