The way of conducting oneself with others.

Manners create culture. Treat people with respect, or be abusive. Take advantage of someone. Or ask for their permission.

Manners live in the space between law and what we can get away with. I can be abusive to anyone on Social Media or in the street. I choose not to say thank you for kindness or service. I can dishonour a gift. I can blame, or speak with nastiness towards others. I can violate someone’s personal boundaries. 

“Between ‘can do’ and ‘may do’ ought to exist the whole realm which recognizes the sway of duty, fairness, sympathy, taste, and all the other things that make life beautiful and society possible.” Lord Moulton

Treating others as you wish to be treated is a good way to begin. 

Our culture is always evolving. Manners evolve too. What was once permissible might now be experienced as bad manners. What was once bad manners might also now be acceptable.

The space between people, the culture, the norms, agreements and customs, is where we cultivate manners. 

Stepping into another culture asks us to honour the manners of the culture, even if we do not agree with them.

Photo Taken August 21st 2023