A Constellation of Map Makers and Way Finders

A global community of Map Makers creating Syntropic Enterprise for a world with a future


Designing Syntropic Enterprises – new models that make the existing models obsolete. Enterprise design, finance, currency, technology, leadership, community, politics..


#zero exploitation #zero extraction to extinction #zero colonisation


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Step 1. Join other MapMakers

Sign the Covenant of Syntropic Enterprise Creators. Join other values aligned steward leaders at the frontiers of enterprise design.

Collaborate. Learn. Design. Support and be supported.



Step 2. Become an exemplar of Syntropic Enterprise

How we co-ordinate and convene around an Evolutionary Purpose, how we provision, how we share resources and learning and consider a minimum of six domains of value, all towards your enterprise flourishing, without ecological offence of the disadvantage of anyone, setting a compelling example of what is possible when we honour our Source Idea and its Pattern Integrity for a world with a future.


Imagine a world where Syntropic Enterprises are ubiquitous towards an eternally regenerative Universe. We can lead change by creating new models that make the existing models obsolete.


To create a world where Syntropic Enterprises are ubiquitous – new models of how we engage, co-ordinate and respect the brilliance of humanity for a world with a future.  


The Constellation of Map Makers and Way Finders is a global community of steward leaders and enterprises from solopreneurs and BCorps, to multinational companies who agree to be bounded by the following threshold crossing agreements at minimum. You may not be there from day one, but you commit to move towards these agreements. We acknowldege perfection is an aspiration.

It is a high bar…and needs to be if we want a world with a future. 


Creating solutions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or their equivalent

..as a whole systems response. The UN SDG’s are a reference tool, and are deeply interlinked. 

Applying an all-in-accounting practise

..to take into consideration the ecological costs of all products in the supply chain, from  natures cost to produce, to extraction and use to post use. Including how we run the enterprise…flights, buildings, supplies…and the after effects of our work. The all-in-costs are recorded on the balance sheet. The aim is to make an enterprise profitable in a minimum of six domains after the all-in-costs are considered. This is an aspiration with yearly evidence of momentum towards this outcomes.

Zero Exploitation, Zero Extraction to extinction, Zero Colonisation

The role of money

The financial funding mechanisms to not have more than 17% of the power or control. This honours the other 5 domains of value in Integral Accounting. We are creating a diversity of value, in distinction to our current monoculture.

Purpose before profit

Profit is a surplus in any domain. Profit first and foremost serves the purpose of the enterprise and its people for a world with a future. This is written into the legal construct of the enterprise so that it cannot be tampered with. We consider other forms of legal and governance entities that might enable steward ownership.

Legal, regulatory and governance

The legal and regulatory entity reflects these aspirations, and the enterprise design is for stewardship of the enterprise and its purpose. Not for the self glorification or profit of any one, any group, or any community over the loss of another. Therefore a careful alignment of purpose, income, equity, control and power is employed.

Trust Manifesto as the Common Agreement

You agree to the Trust Manifesto of the Community. (Which includes values, rules, behaviour.)

 Syntropic Enterprise Map Maker and Way Finder



1. Cover the bases. $100 | £60 (AUS/US/Euro) per month. This financial commitment is to cover the costs of administration and our ability to grow the community towards Syntropic Enterprise as Ubiquitous. Our accounting is 100% transparent to all of the community. If this financial cost prohibits you from joining, then apply for other forms of value contribution.

2. This feels right – the amount that feels respectful to you (top up at any time) Some people have an abundance of money and would like to contribute as is appropriate to them. This feels right can also be applied to others forms of contribution, from time, community building, skills contribution, etc.

3.Radical generosity – because you want to support this work. **you get to choose if and when. Recognised in all six domains of value.


All the modules from the Masterclasses available in digital format, and structured to provide just-in-time education. Plus…

1. A weekly zoom call for coaching, Q@A, case studies, sharing, co-learning. Alternating times a week, to cover the world. Recorded. 

2. New material as it is developed. (regularly)

3. Be part of a slack community

4. Thoughtful match making

5. Discounts to the live Masterclasses and events

6. 1-1 and enterprise work as needed, bespoke and charged accordingly.

7. The opportunity to move towards supporting engagements within companies moving towards becoming Syntropic as a Syntropic Coach/Advisor.


*can’t afford this…let’s do the Integral Accounting audit and determine how you can contribute in a respectful way


The Map Maker Group Zoom call will be structured for a combination of just-in-time learning and coaching, collaborative support from attendees, the opportunity to be held to account, and celebration of great work and our precessional effects. It will include more advanced material as we navigate the frontiers of new enterprise design.


$100 AUS/US/Euro per month or more

£60 per month

No contract, stay for as long as you continue to get value.


*does not include GST

Slack enables a group of people to work together easily. You can have private conversations or group conversations, work on projects as a whole or with a few. You can ask for help, and offer support. You can post material for comment before it goes live to get feedback.


Why Join to Become a Syntropic Map Maker and Way Finder?

We know our systems are broken. We know we need to lead change. But how, and what? This is for those who what to lead change for a world with a future. Be part of the creation of Syntropic Enterprise as Ubiquitous

Your fellow attendee’s are committed to building Syntropic Enterprises for a world with a future to a set of values that you share. We are all on terra incognita…and as such we are all map makers. It’s a challenging path, better done together.

You know the power of working together synergistically. You might also know your own shortcomings, including procrastination, a tendenacy to think you have to solve everything on your own, and lack of accountability.

You become part of a growing global community of Map Makers and Way Finders for a world with a future.

You have access to new models, supported in application to your own business.

Your business gains from the reputation of being a member and by becoming a certified Syntropic Enterprise.

You know you are contributing to the greater possibility of a world with a future through supporting many more businesses like yours to thrive as Syntropic, until Syntropic is ubiquitous.

Being at the frontier you might also become a mentor and teacher to others.

You get connected to extraordinary like minded others – synergy unleashed.

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