Welcome to episode #3 of this series. Today I am delighted to be interviewing Mark Rowland, The Red Pill (That is his title…reference the movie, The Matrix, for this), of Roceteer Inc.

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I first met Mark about a year ago, introduced by a mutual friend. We have never met in person. From our first meeting what impressed me the most about Mark was his huge generosity…the kind of generosity that comes from knowing at a deep level that we live in an abundant Universe. I am sure you will be able to tap into this spirit in Mark as he shares the work he is doing in the world…which is breathtaking and inspirational.


*English, Australian and now living in the US
*10 years with PwC in the consulting division working globally on strategy projects and helping companies through change and transitions
*4 years with Coles Myer as General Manager of Business Development, working as an intrapreneur
*4 years as Chief Executive Noodle of wagamama in Australia
*Co-Founder and CEO of Styletread an online pure play footwear retailer that grew rapidly with investments from Nine *Entertainment and Starfish Venture Capital which sold in a tradesale to Australia’s largest privately owned footwear wholesaler
*A trained coach, NLP master practitioner, Chartered Accountant and a degree in Management Science from the University of Manchester, UK

Show notes

*Mark wants to be able to unleash human potential first within the human, then within a company, and then within a community of companies

*Can we transcend awesome?

*Roceteer serves the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Tony Hsieh

*How do you create an entrepreneurial and all creative innovative ecosystem?

*Creating a huge social experiment

* You maybe never find the jewel of what is truly, truly amazing and unique in the world unless you try lots of things

* Return on Capital, Return on Community, Return on Co-Learning and Return on Collisions

* How can we take these four rocks and allow a community to flourish.

* The psychological makeup of an entrepreneur can lead to massive highs and optimism and risk taking and boldness and fearlessness and courage but then exactly the opposite as well.  A  lot of fear and insecurity and oh my God, what am I doing?

* The difference between self esteem and self confidence

*When you believe that your self esteem is conditional, and your self esteem is linked to the success of your company that’s very dangerous for any human to allow that to happen.
* Business and being a leader is 80% psychology and 20% skill
* There are other like-minded people in the world that want to really create community through an entrepreneurial spirit
*Moving towards a world of abundance versus a world of control
* Be open to unlimited infinite possibilities. What would the world be like if you actually have that mindset?



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