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About The On-Demand Syntropic Masterclass

Each module has all the materials plus extras. As you complete a module the next module is unlocked. Upon graduation, you can then access the Syntropic Blue Community of Practice, joining many other Syntropic Pioneers from around the world as they create and build Syntropic Enterprises.

On-line learning

Access to the on-line learning platform, video and audio, playbook, extra material, extra ebooks.

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As fast or as slowly as you like, review, repeat any or all of the material at any time.

Invited to Syntropia, our virtual house

The On-Demand Masterclass is assigned a private room in Syntropia, where you can meet other On-Demand participants, ask questions, post comments, offer support.

You also get to meet the wider Syntropic Community.


An affordable way to learn Syntropic Models


Modules will be released on completion of the previous module.


Time to learn

Syntropic Masterclass graduates are invited back to repeat the Masterclass, and most graduates do because the material, while practical, also requires a complete reframing of how we have been taught to build enterprise and all the systems that underpin traditional business. The On-Demand Masterclass gives you time to integrate. You are also invited to upgrade to the Hybrid or Live Masterclass at any time by paying the fee gap.

Module 1 to 3

In the first three modules, we cover the core building blocks for designing a Syntropic Enterprise including your Source Idea and its Evolutionary Purpose.

Module 4 & 5

During Modules 4 and 5 we cover advanced communication models, like Clean Communication, Conversation for Understanding,  The 7 Step process to speak the truth, managing expectations, how to say no.

Modules 6 to 8

Module 6 to 8 we cover Synergistic Accounting, Polarity, Steward Leadership, Resilience and Efficiency and the Trust Manifesto

Juicy Extra’s

We love giving gifts

Syntropic Playbook

Each week you will be able to download the Playbook for that week. At the end of the Masterclass, you will be able to download the FULL Playbook

Speak the Truth

An ebook on the 7 Step Process of Speaking the Truth

The Syntropic Trust Manifesto

The enterprise architecture that enables people to work together synergistically towards a purpose they care about.


Rave Reviews

With graduates in 22 countries we are delighted to share amazing reviews from the incredible people around the world committed to creating and building Syntropic Enterprises.

Cindy Forde

Founder Planetari, Author

Christine is as lucid and compelling as the Syntropic framework she has stewarded into this world. She is a manifestation of the courage that it takes to refuse to comprise integrity of purpose as well as of the astonishing power this brings, in terms of both personal development as well as the potential for the evolution of a higher order of principles to guide businesses, organIsations and humanity away from the precipice towards regeneration.

Michael Smitts


“A complete package of mindset, practical tools and principles that can be utilised to build regenerative enterprises, new (business) models and even entirely new community structures, and an engaging caring crowd that captures all that I envision when I think of a better world and a better future.”

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Beauty of Beginnings

Now into the fourth year, daily contemplations and provocations on all things Syntropic.

To be cosmopolitan

To be cosmopolitan

To learn to be citizens at both the local and global level is an imperative of education. Transcending tribalism, religious or ethnic beliefs, considering the whole.

Bringing a vision to life Syntropically

Bringing a vision to life Syntropically

We might know that a vision does not arrive in our stewardship unless we have the capacity and ability to bring it to manifestation. Rather than get caught in the enormity of it, we might return to now. To the very next step. To what needs to be attended to today to keep the vision and its Pattern Integrity to life.

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