A Masterclass in building enterprises for a world with a future

“You learn more in two days about what is really needed to transform business, organisations, people and self for lasting success than you do in a two year MBA.” Cindy Forde 

September 14 to Nov 2nd |Online Europe and Australia

October 4|5 to Nov 22|23| Online Australia and Americas


One of our graduates speak



What we cover

Steward Leadership

The capacity and skill to be able to create the ecology and enterprise architecture that gives your enterprise and your people the best opportunity to flourish.



The greatest exponential technology available is the human mind working together synergisticaly. We learn how to create enterprises that enable synergy to be standard.


Synergistic Accounting

We learn this tool that enables people to bring their whole range of skills and experience to the  enterprises purpose while increasing the degree of freedom for an incresed number of days for all life.



To hold its shape, integrity when applied goes beyond honestly and truth. We learn how to create a structure where interity is built into the design. Where people hold their own integrity as the purpose of the enterprise moves forward while maintaining its integrity.


Evolutionary Purpose

The purpose of our work, our daily investment of time, love, energy, commitment, is towards a world with a future, leaving everything better, in all domains. We dare to hold this as possible.


Clean Communication

Working with others ensuring there is zero residue of emotional upset, blame, attack, judgement, ridicule or denial of equal access.


Graduates speak

We Have the Power to Create a World With a Future Through New Models of Enterprise That:

  • creates value in multiple domains, including, but not only in the domain of money
  • is adaptive to massive global and local change
  • is highly self managed, removing the requirement for layers of management and the excess of procedures and red tape that comes with this
  • attracts the best and right people who stay and set a very high bar of responsibility and accountability
  • has integrity reflected in every aspect of your business
  • enables you, the steward leader, to spend your time doing the visionary and strategic work of the business, rather than be an expert firefighter
  • is an exemplar of what the future of business and enterprise will be

September 14 to Nov 2nd 2021| Online Australia and Europe

October 4|5 to Nov 22|23 2021 |Online Australia and the Americas

A short taste

Oct 4|5 to Nov 22|23

Live Online, Australia and USA time zones

8 weeks X  one 90 minute Zoom calls per week.

Every Tuesday at 10 AM Brisbane Australia, Monday at 8 PM Eastern Summertime, USA and Canada

Sept 14th to Nov 2nd

Live Online, Australia and Euro time zones

8 weeks X  one 90 minute Zoom calls per week.

Every Tuesday at 5PM AEST, 8 AM UK

"This has been life changing."

“The absolute biggest challenge prior to attending the Masterclass was how to create structure around my source idea and have the confidence to be able to follow through with effective action, and to know when I was straying off course. Having always put so much energy in the ‘how’ left me often totally overwhelmed, anxious and paralysed to move forward. Workshopping with Dr Christine McDougall and fellow attendees, helped me get to the core of my idea and to give me the structure to stay on course. I realised that we live in an abundant universe and resources to help us move forward can often be right in front of us.  It hasn’t been even 24 hours yet and a vision I had has been catapulted forward because of a fellow attendee’s collaboration! This has been life changing.”
David Cuschieri CEO Retail Design Lab

“One of the most important events I've ever attended."

One of the most important events I’ve ever attended. Christine is uniquely capable of soaring between history’s greatest minds, then helping the entrepreneurs deep dive into applying this to the chaos of modern business”
Murray Galbraith, Co-Founder Myriad

Is this for you?

If you’re

  • someone who cares about a world with a future 
  • an entrepreneur – from founders to small-business owners – ready to lead change in how we co-ordinate people, build enterprise, consider a business plan with tomorrow in mind
  • someone who resonates with honouring value that is immeasurable, like care, love, beauty.. as well as value that is measurable
  • an artist, be that as an entrepreneur, an artisan, or an artist committed to bringing more beauty to the world
  • a solopreneur- a professional, who understands you are running a business and wants to learn how to create an enterprise that is imbued with meaning and value
  • an executive, board member, manager, operations manager, team leader, Human Resources person interested in creating teams of highly self managed people brining their brilliance to work
  • a product manager, senior developer, creative…interested in whole systems design and thinking, understanding the simplicity on the other side of complexity
  • anyone who loves networking and learning with like-minded good people committed to a world with a future

“We already have practical connections unfolding with other participants that I cannot imagine would have occurred without this Masterclass.

This was not your usual workshop, but one that held an alchemical magic that is and will continue to transform each of us and the collective we were part of in ways that will continue to reverberate through the Cosmos.

If you truly have a passion for being part of the beautiful uprising that is looking for a New Story for humanity – in whatever way calls you forth, take this Masterclass with Christine. The future is calling you – listen and act! ” Peter and Nikki Thompson  Soil2Soul  Echo Hills Farming Company.


Building enterprises for a world with a future


Is this for not-for-profit or for-profit or both?
The Masterclass is designed for all enterprise types. Ideally we get a diverse mix in each Masterclass, which enables a higher degree of co-learning.
Can I bring my team?
Absolutely. This is the best way to experience the Masterclass. We have special rates for teams of three or more. Please ask.
Do I have to have a business, or simply an idea for one?
If you have an idea and you know it matters more than anything for you to bring it alive, then yes, this is for you.
I cannot attend all of the Online classes. Are they recorded?
Yes, all of the online classes are via Zoom. Everyone enrolled will be sent the link to the recording after the class has been held for that week.
I can only attend one day of the live Masterclass?
If you can only attend Day One we can make exceptions. It will not be possible to attend Day Two without attending Day One.
Do you offer scholarships?
If the price is an issue for you please contact us and we will discuss dignified options that value all parties and makes it easy for you to attend.
We are a well established business. Is this relevant to us?
If you want to (1) Deeply connect to why you created the business in the first place and its Pattern Integrity (2) If off track, come back on track (3) Evolve your business to a higher level that does ensure a word with a future (4) Be a map maker for others seeking to create enterprises for a word with a future (5) Know that you and your enterprise can lead change (6) Align your team to the Source Idea and Pattern Integrity of the business towards the future of the business you want to see. Then YES.


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