Welcome to the Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass

Design an enterprise that exemplifies everything you desire to experience in a beautiful world.


How to build a regenerative business

How to move beyond sustainability

Redesign work that brings out everyone’s best and cultivates human potential

As an entrepreneur and business leader, you care about

Justice – for all, including our Earth and her creatures.

Leading change for a world with a future.

People who bring their gorgeous brilliance when they find themselves in a context that enables brilliance.

Prosperity for all stakeholders, not just the elite.

Integrity in all things, inside out, outside in.

Being the best you can be.

Accounting for the measurable world AND the weightless, invisible world of beauty, kindness, generosity, spirit and love. 

Money and profit as a side effect of doing extraordinary things for all the right reasons.

Being an exemplar in all domains of the change you desire  – how you build and conduct your business, treat people, and consider the future.

You can’t build sustainable systems on top of destructive processes.

Re-build trust and integrity into business 

Transforming the operating system of work and business that so many feel stuck in.

Imagine a live online course that could transform your concern for the world into effective action.

And you could start right now from your home.

The Syntropic Masterclass delves into the systems and structures that stand in the way of a just, sustainable and fulfilling future and what you can do to change the game.

From day #1 it comes alive with powerful provocation + very practical tools and templates.

Helping you see the world and yourself in a new way.

Developing the inner resources needed to take meaningful action.

You’ll discover strategies and solutions, plus the grass-roots movements of your fellow participants.

You do not have to do it alone. There are opportunities to connect with others from around the world who share your commitment.

When you are ready to make the kind of difference you want to experience, join us and participants from over thirty countries on this beautiful adventure.

Want to create a prosperous business AND Synergistic Teams using Nature’s blueprints as the architecture?


Dates for the next Syntropic Masterclass

For the Americas – USA, Canada, South America

June 19th, 26th

July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

August 7

3:30 PM PST, 6:30 EST

90 minutes per call, live by Zoom.

For New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa

June 20, 27

July 4, 11, 18, 25

August 1, 8th

4:30 PM AEST, 7:30 AM UK, 8:30 AM CET

90 minutes per call, live by Zoom


This work resonates so deeply with what I know in my bones and how I want to operate in the world. It is what all my career coaching clients are looking for in their careers and employers, and it’s built on solid deep profound time-tested principles. 

Colleen Reichrath-Smith

Career Coach– Netherlands

 “The feeling of being grateful- it doesn’t come easy or cheap these days – for reaching and finding myself in a community where the sense of belonging and truth prevails.”

Solomon Felous

Philosopher– Greece

“ Syntropic World is a must explore for designing regenerative projects – big and small. The process is enriching as both a human being and as somebody trying to create the impact the world needs in business. Highly recommend people check out Christine and the team’s work and the phenomenal humans she is attracting.”


Benny Wallington

101 Tokens – Australia

The times we live in are harrowing and fearful. The Syntropic Masterclass equips you to both understand how we got here and how we can build a way out.  

Cindy Forde

Planetari  – United Kingdom

This is the beginning of an amazing adventure

What is included:

Online learning portal accessible in full on registration

All modules, models, tools and resources are available immediately upon registration. Watch in advance or access after graduation – a lifetime of access.

8 modules delivered LIVE over 8 weeks each for 90 minutes. 2 time options to ensure we cover the globe.

Opportunity for Q@A during the class. NO question left unanswered. Each class is designed around your unique needs. A Certificate of Graduation on Completion AND access to the Syntropic Blue Community of practice, joining people from +25 countries actively building Syntropic Enterprises. Never feel alone as you build your business again.

A 70+ page Playbook

A roadmap for you to reference, return to and learn from as you create wildly successful teams and Syntropic Enterprises that leave everything better.

Access to Syntropia – our digital house

Being a leader at the edge of change can be lonely. It doesn’t have to be. Syntropic World has a global community of people like you who are generous, considerate, and creating transformative change. We are better when we work together in a co-learning, collaborative space, rich with invaluable guidance.

All classes are recorded in video and audio format if you miss a class

Video recordings are available to replay within 24 hours after the class

We have a private podcast channel you can access on your favourite podcast app to listen to the audio recordings.

Return to the recordings at any time for the next 12 months after your graduation.


Our Pricing

We are committed to supporting access to the Syntropic Masterclass. We offer the classes in four currencies. The most affordable currency is the Australian Dollar. If you are in Australia, or if you have a genuine issue with paying for the Masterclass, choose this option. If you are able to afford to pay in your currency, please do, as this supports those who either cannot or who receive a scholarship.

On Demand

Purchase here

$195 for instant lifetime acccess

All the modules

Take your time

All supplementary material

A certificate on completion

Access to Syntropia House

Access to Syntropic Blue on completion

Questions answered in Syntropia

Pay in Full

Purchase here

875 for 8 weeks, 90 minutes per week, live by Zoom

Live and interactive classes every week

Students from around the world

Ask as many questions as you desire

Repeat the class as needed

Certificate upon completion

Access to Syntropia House

Access to Syntropic Blue Community on Completion

Payment Plan

Purchase Here

175 per month for five months, 90 minutes a week, for 8 weeks, live by Zoom

The same class as Paid in Full

Payment management without penalty

Use this option if you cannot pay in Full

Select your currency

Please Pay in Full if you are able


If you have a question that we have not answered, please email hello at syntropic.world

What happens as soon as I register?

Exhale. We have got you. You should receive a confirmation email with immediate access to the Online portal, plus the downloadable calendar and access to Syntropia – our digital house.  Please check your spam if the email doesn’t arrive. If you cannot find it, contact us.

Can I bring my team?

Absolutely. This is the best way to experience the Masterclass. We have special rates for teams of three or more. Please ask.

Do I have to have a business, or simply an idea for one?

If you have an idea and know it matters more than anything to bring it alive, then yes, this is for you.

I cannot attend all of the Live Online classes. Are they recorded?

Yes, all of the live online classes are via Zoom. Everyone enrolled will be sent the link to the recording after the class has been held for that week.

Do you offer scholarships?

If the price is an issue for you, please contact us, and we will discuss dignified options that value all parties and make it easy for you to attend. Email hello at syntropic.world

We are a well established business. Is this relevant to us?

If you want to (1) Deeply connect to why you created the business in the first place and its Pattern Integrity, (2) If off track, come back on track, (3) Evolve your business to a higher level that does ensure a word with a future (4) Be a map maker for others seeking to create enterprises for a word with a future (5) Know that you and your enterprise can lead change (6) Align your team to the Source Idea and Pattern Integrity of the business towards the future of the business you want to see. (7) Restore a team to a much higher order of synergy. Then YES.

A personal note from Christine

This Masterclass is the culmination of my life’s work. It speaks for Mother Nature as the greatest designer of any co-ordinate and communication system. It honours the work of our ancestors, including R.Buckminster Fuller.

We are teaching new models and maps and creating new mindsets and culture.

While the material is incredibly practical and intuitively familiar (because we are applying Natures laws to everything) it also asks us to think differently, do differently, question almost everything.

The Syntropic Blue Community of Practice is as essential to the creation of Syntropic Enterprises becoming business-as-usual. This gorgeous community is available to you as a Masterclass graduate.

New language, new culture, new world.

We welcome you on this journey.

Did we mention our 14 day risk free guarantee?

We are confident you will see the value of the Syntropic Masterclass, however, if you have completed weeks #1 and #2 of the Masterclass and do not believe this is for you in support of building an enterprise for a more beautiful world for Earth and all her creatures without ecological offence and the disadvantage of anyone, simply reach out and we will refund your investment.

NOTE: A 10% GST (tax) will be added to the price.

The experience of the Syntropic Classes is a collective one. We practice synergy, where everyone is better for the experience of participation.

This means we hold a clear intention for each individual to have a rich and valuable experience of the class while also contributing to the greater experience of the whole. 

Therefore please respect the opportunity for everyone to speak. Be precise and concise with your questions or comments. 

Questions and insights are encouraged.

Check in with yourself before you ask a question or make a comment that your questions and comments will be valuable not just to you, but to the whole.

When you raise your hand (either physically or via the button) Christine will invite you to unmute. She will do this in a way that ensures everyone has a chance to speak and contribute. You may not always be invited to unmute and speak if you have previously done so and others have not. 

If you have an issue raise it either in the class or with Christine directly.

Disrespect, severe disruption, or comments made that are not in the context of the class, will be addressed using the principles of Clean Communication. Resolution of any issue of disrespect or disruption will be raised privately. 

You agree to follow community guidelines and will not share, circulate or reproduce materials or proprietary information from this program without permission. If the material is in the Creative Commons you may share with attribution.

You also agree to respect the identities, privacy, and confidentiality of other participants and will not share screenshots, recordings or information disclosed in our group spaces with other parties unless permission has been granted.

To protect the space and each other, participants who do not uphold these requirements may have their access to community spaces or participation revoked.

Passionate about a world with a future, enterprise design, prosperity with integrity, zero exploitation, zero extraction to extinction, zero colonisation. 

Let’s stay in touch.


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