Measuring poverty

Not a human on the planet needs to be financially poor. We have more than enough food, money and energy for everyone.

If we consider poverty from multiple domains, we might begin to reshape its story.

We might not have access to things that are required to do great work. A simple pencil and paper, the internet, a warm blanket. Our impulse to have the lack of these things be reduced to money denies the option of so many of these things being available in other parts of the economy.

We might be poor in knowledge, either because of access, accuracy or our interior capacity.

Our greatest poverty might be in our spirit. We might be a scrooge. Or cruel. Self-centred, lacking compassion.

Our poverty might be in our health and well-being. Years of consciously choosing food striped of vitality and not moving our bodies might have us limited in movement and aliveness.

If we want to end poverty, we need to end the dominion money holds over us.

Photo taken November 20th 2022