The archetype of metamorphosis is very powerful. First, a caterpillar, then an undifferentiated blob, then a butterfly.

No amount of examination of the caterpillar can determine the butterfly.

I cannot speak for the caterpillar, but the process looks difficult and uncomfortable.

When we are trying to change large-scale systems, like ending poverty, or said better, increasing the Common Wealth of all human thriving, we might hold the archetype of metamorphosis close. 

We cannot animate the thing we are seeking to change with the very thing that caused the issue in the first place. You cannot solve for poverty by raising money to distribute to the poor. It might be required as a short-term measure, however it will only ever be a salve for an open wound.

We must start with the butterfly. What are the conditions that create butterflies? 

Design the field in which butterflies are abundant. 

This type of thinking requires a whole new way to see the world. It is the very essence of Syntropic Enterprise.

August 14th 2019

Photo taken August 14th 2019