I am at the end of a seven stage series on how to deal with loss of a business. For today July 18th 2014 (Australian time), this last piece will have to wait.

I started the 2.23AM project because I believe beyond question that beneath the glossy glamour of success, status, companies as empires, busy-ness, consumerism, not-enoughness….is a human heart who longs for something deeper. I believe that the majority of our leaders of business and industry are seeking ways to express their own work and the work of their business in ways that honour humanity and the world.

This morning when I woke I learned of the tragedy of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17. As I write, 27 of those passengers where Australian’s. The flight was actually headed to Perth Australia. 154 or so of those passengers were Dutch.

Australia and the Netherlands are small countries. These number are huge losses for us.

My heart is broken for the families and friends……all over the world. For every single person on that flight. For Malaysia. For the pain of any human who feels that violence is the only way.

As this incident unfolds, I pray for wise leadership. This was a deliberate act, even if the people who shot down the plane did not know it was civilian. They were aiming to shoot down a plane. They succeeded.

What creates the conditions for people to do this…to deliberately shoot down a plane?

Now is the time for deeply considered heart felt politics between all the conflicting parties…Russia, Ukraine, USA, The Netherlands, the EU…let us not increase the death toll.

And if our elected leaders start making foolish decisions, let us not forget that we can collectively say no. The power has always rested with the people…we usually forget this.

Into this brew of global events add the escalating situation in Gaza.

And the axing of 18,000 jobs at Microsoft.

Are these horrible events related at all?

At 2.23AM we would say yes. A world where the money and power is concentrated into small places while the remainder of the world struggles to dignify human existence and work… is a broken world. A world where people are elected to leadership to further the coffers of the company/shareholders (which may well include you and I as pension fund holders) at the cost of everything else… is a broken world. A world where chosen corporate leaders are too busy protecting their own position to see what is in plain sight… is a broken world. (Stephen Elop, Nokia/Microsoft for example). A world where we have placed the accumulation of money as the ultimate value to aspire to…is a broken world.

There are people in Gaza, Israel, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Netherlands, the Ukraine…indeed all over the world…who would trade any amount of money…everything they have…for the safe return of their loved ones…

Much of the world is broken. We know this. It wakes many of us at 2.23AM.

We can change this. We can change it through how we do business. How we treat people. (Not some heartless email to let 18,000 employees know they are losing their job.)

Frankly we have to change it.

2.23AM is committed to that…one step…never too small…at a time.

We invite you to join us.


Photo credit: NASA


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