Miracles have not read the manual on reason. Devotion, enchantment, reverence and love.

This week I am sharing a few vignettes from my daily musings, Beauty of Beginnings – now in its seventh year.

My being was seeking a respite from the harshness of the world. I wanted to touch beauty, love, enchantment, reverence – some of my favourite words, all used in a sacred secular way.

I hope you enjoy this edition of Sunday Syntropy and find solace and delight in some of my musings.

**We are working on the first edition of Beauty of Beginnings – hopefully later this year available to purchase as a gorgeous book of contemplations.

What captures your devotion?

Where in your life do you commit to the sacred in you?

How do you express devotion to your work, your relationships?

Or perhaps, where might devotion become a pillar of your existence, giving your life and identity a shape that is currently absent?

The word devotion is one of my favourite words. Up there with reverence. Not shrouded in dogma of belief, but used because connecting to the sacred and magnificent of life is to connect to our soul, our deepest and most enduring being.

Looking at a sunrise and taking it all in, being in the majesty of its simple act of being and constancy, is a devotional practice.

I am so glad I get to share this devotion with you.

February 3rd 2018

Enchantment is the antidote to reality.

In our evidence-based world, where we need to measure everything to validate, where data has become the new gold, lies the new means of transaction, and bribery of public officials legal, we need to cultivate enchantment.

Enchantment isn’t the absence of reality. Enchantment connects us to the metaphysical gravity that holds our world together. To the space between.

The unknowable.



Our mythic world often ended when we took a carpet ride out of childhood. Yet, to reject it entirely is to reject the miracle of birth.

And a sunrise.

That we exist against the mathematical odds.

Become enchanted. Get lost in the gaze of a flower and the efforts of the ant.

March 23rd 2018

More whole than when you arrived

Leave every interaction more whole than when you arrived at it.

Imagine if this was our soul task. And our sole task?

June 3rd 2018


To carry. To carry for as long as needs be until what is being birthed is ripe for birth.

Gestation is a sacred act. It requires us to relinquish our own will to the forces greater than self.

To kairos time – divine time – right time.

We want to hurry it along. Induce the birth.

We want dominion over our gestation process.

Whether the birth is a child or a project, there is a process that beats to a drum attuned to larger patterns and greater fields than our own imagination.

A day too soon, in our haste, and the thread of rhythm is lost.

When the birth happens, in its own perfect time, all the clocks in the Universe synchronise.

July 18th 2018

Miracles have not read the manual on reason

Today is a miraculous kind of day. For no particular reason.

Because that is often the best reason for miracles. Miracles have not read the manual on reason.

Indeed, miracles are the antigravity to reason.

Miracles disrupt neat little lives built on a foundation of evidence-based reason, rational thinking and the scientific mind.

It is the greatest comic joke of all.

The moment we think we have it all sorted, boom, the rug is pulled from under our feet, and we are reminded, once again, that while each individual life is significant, humanity was designed to work together towards a purpose transcending the individual.

It’s a miraculous kind of day. A Mary Poppins kind of day. Magic and mayhem and miracles.

September 19th 2018

One extra photon of love

We have to know the parts of us that are dark. The places we can lash out. Judge. Be cruel. Deny.

We might first see where we do that to ourselves. We might know our own violence. We might see how we project hate towards our bodies, our actions, our sense of brokenness.

Unity is plural, at minimum two. For integrity, we need the light and the dark. The positive and negative charge. The up and down.

When we deny our capacity for darkness, darkness will express itself.

When we fail in our ability to empathise, to see our fellow humans who might be swallowed in darkness as lost and trying to find the light, we fail in our commitment to love.

“Love is omni-inclusive, progressively exquisite, understanding and compassionately attuned to other than self.” Buckminster Fuller

Love is metaphysical gravity. It is the glue that holds the light and the dark in coherence. It exists in relationship. Relationship to self, to others, to Earth, to Universe.

One extra photon of love tips the balance out of darkness.

Be the photon.

December 2nd 2018

Diversity to Symphony

Diversity is a range of different elements. Symphony is a composition of different elements.

Get the diversity right, and we create a symphony.

Too much of the same, and we miss novelty. Too much diversity and we create chaos.

Too efficient, and we become brittle.

Too different, and we cannot be seen or heard by almost anyone except those rare few who inhabit the edges of the edge.

We long for symphony. We seek composition that enables coherence.

An orchestra is in constant adaptation towards sweet music.

Design sweet music. Live in the dance between diversity and symphony.

June 18th 2019

Love is the synergistic marriage of radiation and gravity

Like the sun’s rays, love gives out.

Simultaneously, love is a force that pulls towards, like gravity.

We feel love shine. And love moves us to act towards.

Love is an omni-inclusive, infinitely expandable, force and field.

It is perhaps the only element in Nature that holds all of the principles of Nature as its Pattern Integrity.

At the end of days, it is all we long for. At the beginning of days it is creation.

If we create, choose, move, act, for anything but love, then we inadvertently go against the larger flow of Universe.

Begin with love. Act with love. Choose love. End with love. And the cycle continues infinitely.

May 20th 2020


A deep and abiding respect for…

I love how this word rolls on my tongue, sensuous, implying for me threads of awe.

To be reverent towards life.

To be reverent as the way we live and engage.

Imagine all humanity being reverent? Having the capacity to put aside fears, the need to survive, the egoic urge to be superior to anyone or thing.

Imagine that we stepped to the podium of our life reverent.

That each person we interacted with, no matter the occasion.


Towards those in our business. Reverent.

Towards the future, and the past.


Towards ourselves. Our body being…reverent.

To enter a room, a conversation, the ocean, reverent.

Towards the birds swooping, the lizards crawling, the beetles. Reverent.

This is the life I long for, and towards that, I will practise reverence. I invite you to join me.

November 5th 2020