Miracles have not read the manual on reason

Today is a miraculous kind of day. For no particular reason.

Because that is often the best reason for miracles. Miracles have not read the manual on reason.

Indeed, miracles are the antigravity to reason.

Miracles disrupt neat little lives that have been built on a foundation of evidence-based reason, rational thinking and the scientific mind.

It is the greatest comic joke of all.

The moment we think we have it all sorted, boom, the rug is pulled from under our feet and we are reminded, once again, that while each individual life is significant, humanity was designed to work together towards a purpose transcending the individual.

It’s a miraculous kind of day. A Mary Poppins kind of day. Magic and mayhem and miracles.

September 19th 2018

Photo taken October 27th 2017


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