Mixed messages warped signals

Communication is complex. In innocence we can communicate something, and the transmission lands distorted.

The response we get is dissonant to the intention of the communication.

In this little area of human affairs lies the vast chasm of pain, suffering, heartache, heartbreak. That first breakdown between signal sent and received, which left unattended becomes a gaping wound, increasingly harder to repair.

Our reptilian being reacts.

Yet what is required is a breath. Perhaps another, or twenty.

Followed by some very simple questions.

When you said this, what did you mean?


I heard this. It landed like this for me. I may have received your message in a different way than you intended. Please say it again.

Taking the time to reach clarity of signal sent and signal received the moment the transmission breaks down, even in the smallest way, is the way to clean communication and harmonious relationships. It takes time and commitment.

So worth it….so much unnecessary tragedy avoided…

**For more on this please read this article on Clean Communication.


November 17th 2018

Photo taken November 17th 2018