Modern Jedi

In wisdom and mystical traditions, the pathway to leadership is arduous, taking decades, and never guaranteed.

There is a reason for this. To handle great power, we need our emotional, cognitive, spiritual and biological ‘wiring’ to be able to take the load, without blowing a fuse. 

The journey from apprenticeship to mastery includes rigorous breaking down. Unlearning. Being reduced to no-thingnes. 

Humility becomes the ground of being.

Our modern myths, like Star Wars, evoke these messages: the apprentice Jedi and the rogue apprentice who becomes the dark lord.

Initiation. Not a skip down the yellow brick road throwing daffodils. Hard. Painful. Humiliating.

Our current world has unleashed great powers. AI. Synthetic biology. Gene editing. 

This technology is available to every human who can access the internet. 

Almost no one has developed the Jedi ability to handle these technologies. 

I look around the world and consider those in power trying to reign in and regulate these technologies. Do they have the requisite Jedi skills and wisdom? 

We have forgotten the purpose of rigorous mystery school training. How important it is. 

It’s easier to celebrate Insta fame and other false gods of success. 

We are not prepared to handle the power we have unleashed. And those people who have dedicated their lives to becoming modern Jedi in service to all of life, rarely seek fame and fortune and therefore are unseen and unheard by the mainstream.

We might begin to invite them to the decision-making table.

Photo Taken March 16th 2024