Money money money….

How did we get to a place where we have elevated money to be central in our Universe? Where instead of considering how best to educate children, we start with how much it costs? And then adapt what we can do within the cost, cutting corners at every turn.

Following from my recent five part series on debt, I thought we might have some fun exploring money. It’s a big subject. This little series will provide the basics. But not the type that you are familiar with. (Of course not…we are all about business as unusual here.)

We will explore the different types of currencies. Fiat, demurrage (negative interest), the male and female aspects of money, money through history, and the shadow elements of our money system.

My intention is to clear out some of the illusions and delusions about money, and more specifically, to begin to engage you in a conversation about money that few people ever have.

Money is just assumed to be something we use in society. It has become so very central to everything we do. The most frightening aspect of money is that so very few people actually understand (gnosis) what it is. I hope to change that even a little.

So buckle up and join me on the journey.

I gave a description of what money is, and its functions in the previous post.

All national currencies, like the US dollar, the Euro, and the Aussie dollar, are fiat currencies. Fiat is from Latin. In the bible, the book of Genesis, God said, “Fiat lux” Let there be light. And light was made. Fiat is the process of creating something out of nothing by the power of the word. Or…money created through debt. Imperative in this model is the requirement to keep about a third of the population in debt or poverty. The aspirations of the governments and NGO’s to bring people out of poverty is naive. The very system we have constructed cannot allow this to occur, unless of course we change the system or are happy to go into total collapse.

Let me repeat this in plain English, as it is worth repeating. Our national currencies are made out of nothing. To make it we need debt. To keep the currency we need debt and poverty. Bring everyone out of debt and poverty and the system collapses.

Indeed this paragraph is worth pondering for a few days.

Next post we will look at money in matrifocal and patriarchal societies through history and distinguish between the male and female versions of money.



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