Mono is arrogance writ large

Mono, meaning one.

Monoculture. Monocurrency. Monopoly. Monofinance

In nature, with some 14 Billion years of practice, a Mono attempt is rebuked by design.

Mono is the human equivalent of supreme power. An egoic force. Autocracy.

Or in business, our obsession with monopoly.

Mono squeezes out optionality and diversity. It creates a desert of ideas rather than a garden of innovation.

Within our desire to become Mono is the very seeds of our destruction.

Mono is arrogance writ large.

Innovation is diversity. Novelty. Difference invited to participate.

Our humanity, our technology, our business models, our spiritual traditions resist the embrace of diversity.

Let diversity and innovation dance. Our human future depends upon it.

June 18th 2018


Photo Taken June 18th 2018


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