Multiplication by division

The miracle of life is the unification of two wholes, a sperm and an egg, which then proceeds immediately to divide. And divide again..and again…into billions of cells that make us function as a whole within the larger whole of the Universe.

This fundamental principle of creation is the antithesis of how humans have designed systems. 

Rather than divide to create a multiplier, we accumulate. The accumulation is a form of stagnation, the very opposite of a living system.

We feel the evidence of this in the distance between us, the heartbreak of humans discarded to mere numbers and objects for someone else’s accumulation, the rent to our beautiful Earth.

The biblical story of the loaves and fishes is the archetype of multiplication by division. It is anchored in a story of an abundant Universe.

To multiply, divide the parts of the whole under the domain of the whole. Not as separate parts, which is the principle of conquer. But as loved elements of the whole.

This goes against the reflex of human conditioning and our addiction to scarcity as the organising principle. 

August 18th 2019

Photo taken August 18th 2019