My best is worthy

Living our best life.

I have been infected. I didn’t even realise it. So subtle has been the intake of poison over such a period of time that I did not notice the internal changes. I suspect I am among many others infected by the same toxin.

The poison came through social media. Loving people’s success. Simultaneously seeing myself compared against them – even knowing that the glitter of exposure on social media is usually showing only a fraction of us – when we are glossy, shiny, happy. Not those times when we are snotty, broken and hollowed out.

I noticed the little green monster of comparison. Why them? Not me?

When I run a race I have trained myself to put blinkers on, to run my own race. To not get caught in the frey of others races, of comparing myself to others who are running faster, stronger, better. When I do this there is usually one outcome. I go too hard, too soon and burn out. It is not pretty.

My race. My pace. My story. My life. Tuning in to me. To what I am capable of. Adoring success in others, and knowing each day that I showed up true to me and gave my best.

My best is worthy. My best is enough. Your best is enough.

August 30th 2018