My most favourite silence of all

Do we ever really know love without knowing the endless despair of loneliness?  

Do we know kindness unless we have felt the lash of cruelty?

Can we possibly know beauty unless we have seen the violence humans have inflicted on our home planet, on each other, on ourselves?

Today I woke after a full sleep, the darkness and cold like a thick blanket. The silence of pre-dawn, my most favourite silence of all. An empty beach in a busy city. 

The first touch of light blood red. Venus so bright in the morning sky. 

Gradually the colours change. The very first surfer prepares to find a wave in the soft dark. 

The beauty of the whole, the vibrancy of life, of saying yes to it all, the stunning calm of the Pacific Ocean as the westerly wind softens its blow. I witness this and try to find words. 

Words do not suffice.

I feel instead and let the beauty transform me. 

For this moment there is just this. 

Photo taken June 12th 2022