My rightness erases you and your rightness

I like being right. I was the kid who raised their hand to answer questions in the classroom because I knew the answer. 

I consider ‘being right’ and my need and like to ‘be right.’

Behind it is something broken. The need to be affirmed. To be seen. 

When I am ‘right’, there is a tinge of superiority. My ‘better than you’ is subtly present. A little part of me has a smirk of satisfaction. Not always, but often. 

Being right carries the seeds of domination and superiority. My rightness might eliminate your rightness. My rightness erases you and your possibility.

Rightness closes down any openness to consider that we are both right, partially.

And from a place of both partially right, we might rise to a higher order of collective right.

I am observing the times when I speak with that ‘rightness’ that carries the seeds of superiority. I try to catch myself in the act. When I do, I aim to step back from my strongly held position and hold a space for the third way – the way that invites you to contribute to the new ‘right.’

In a world run by a superorganism that feeds on righteousness superiority, domination, exploitation, dehumanisation and colonisation, this small self discipline is important. 

Photo Taken May 7th 2023