We come alive in nature. Even against our will. It is hard not to settle your feet into the ground, to become present to the touch of the breeze, to slow down your breathing.

Is it because nature is alive? And in its aliveness it reminds us of our deadness? Our divorce from things that bring us alive?

We have built our modern lives to such a frenetic pace, considered normal, that to be present to nature is something you pay for…to go on holiday, or retreat.

This has been largely by our choosing. The adopted belief that we need to accumulate more and bigger, better, faster. Bigger house, kids in the best schools, the increased salary packet.

The future of pausing…called retirement…is out there. And each day slips by. A tragedy of epic proportions.

My life has always included beauty. We cannot underestimate how significant it is. Not something to experience on vacation…but every single day.