Nature has its own gestation rate. Become a better steward leader.

Our human-constructed world says we have dominion. We are taught that we can push, drive, and ram through, as we see fit, on our timeline ignoring everything but the schedule. 

There is a place for this. An event requires coordination to bring it to life on time. 

Too often, though, as we are birthing a project or enterprise that is aligned with the laws inherent in nature, a Syntropic Enterprise, the impulse to push, force, ram through is our egoic desire to control, to impose. It might be coming from fear, scarcity, lack of trust, or sheer bloody-mindedness.

The art of stewarding a beautiful business, a Syntropic Enterprise, to life, is to know the difference.

To understand Nature’s gestation. To push when pushing is the need, and to hold…hold…hold…sometimes for months, or years….until the time is right.

It is difficult, beautiful, honouring work. Best done with a team of fellow stewards able to keep you steady when the urge to push is strong.

Nature has its own gestation. Leaning to tune to its frequency is to learn advanced leadership. To become a better steward.

Photo taken June 26th, 2020