Nature knows that diversity is our survival

I can hold the space for differences of opinion, diverse worldviews, and for radical ideas.

Yet if the difference harms, demeans, disrespects or maligns others, including our creatures, I cannot stand witness to the difference.

Our desire to simplify everything, to have our sense-making live in a binary, black-and-white world, is understandable.

Yet life is not like that. 

We still do not know what or where consciousness lives. The functioning of the human body remains an exploration. 

Our biology is magnificent and remains a frontier for understanding.

I was raised in a world where gender was binary. Where intelligence was cognitive only.

This world limits humanity and her gorgeous complexity.

Intelligence and gender are so diverse we have only begun to understand the multi-layered complexity.

I suspect Nature knows that diversity is our survival.

We are better when we work across the spectrum of diversity, never allowing one expression dominion over another, except for moments in time when one expression is needed in the now.

Give me your difference. But if your difference harms others, I am not interested in your bigotry.

Photo Taken February 26th 2023