Natures Coordinate system

That fact that 99 percent of humanity does not understand nature is the prime reason for humanity’s failure to exercise its option to attain universally sustainable physical success on this planet. The prime barrier to humanity’s discovery and comprehension of nature is the obscurity of the mathematical language of science. Synergetics, R.Buckminster Fuller

Nature uses a coordinate system that is intrinsically cyclical, highly efficient, leaves no waste, accounts for everything, is elegant in design and combines Syntropy and Entropy with the arrow of evolution towards greater Syntropy.

Why humanity has ignored the wisdom of Natures coordinate system for so long, with the exception of some indigenous communities, remains mysterious. 

Our arrogance of insisting that we know better than Nature comes at a great price. The aftertax of our arrogance is coming due. 

Syntropic World is attempting to change this, one step at a time, by applying Nature’s Coordinate system to everything we do, build, design, create – every system, structure, practice. To be a clear fractal of Nature in all things. Not separate. Life breathing itself in life.

Photo Taken July 24th 2023