Never stop challenging your own beliefs

Remember when you believed in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus. 

Do you remember how you believed with absolute conviction?

Remember how this belief was reinforced by ritual, your trusted parents, and culture?

What changed your mind? 

Please take the time to ask this question. What changed your mind?

For me, a slow and steady dawning recognition that these stories were untrue. I started to question the possibility. My mind opened, even though I didn’t want Santa Claus to not be true.

Now, think of a belief you hold with a fierce level of protection. Consider one belief that carries the most emotion for you. That one that you fight over with others.

Ask, is it possible that this belief will be exposed as a lie if I open my mind to that possibility? Is it possible that one day I will look back at this belief and wonder how I could possibly have believed it? 

Never stop challenging your own beliefs. The moment we do, our rigidity of thinking sets the stage for entropy and death.

Photo Taken September 20th  2023