No more rearranging deck chairs

It is a gloomy mid-winter morning here in my little spot in the Southern Hemisphere.

I read of unprecedented heat waves across the Northern Hemisphere. 

When I worked as a Doctor, I found it fascinating that the overwhelming majority of people given the choice for a path to enduring health that involved significant lifestyle change chose to go right back to the choices that had them get unwell in the first place.

I wonder why our self-sabotaging mechanism is so strong. Does humanity have a thirst for pain and hardship? Is it driven by self-loathing? Laziness? Care-less-ness. Ignorance? Probably all of them and more. 

I think about the rise of suicide and depression. About the horrid circumstances, those in the boomer generation are leaving our youth, in almost every domain.

I had determined to write a blog today about beauty. Nature. Love.

But here I am. I return to consider the next step I can take to be a part of the change towards a world with a future. 

Am I doing enough? And I know that my answer to this question is no. It is time to amplify. To risk. To go from my safe place and step out. As an introvert, this is not something I am naturally inclined to do. 

I want to be mad as heaven as I reach into the pit of my belly of fire and speak against the business-as-usual consensus that insists that minor tweaks will do. 

No more rearranging deck chairs. We must lead massive change, or, as sure as the sun does rise, change will be forced upon us amplified at great human, animal and Earth cost.

Photo Taken July 17th 2023