No one can take our power away

Many of us have a warped relationship to power. We have difficulty naming our power, which is always available, yet rarely recognised. 

We see those who are actually wielding force as being powerful.

Does brute strength or welding weapons make someone powerful?

Threats, harm, violence, guns, physical or emotional strength, blackmail, financial weaponisation. Any position of domination, where fear is the weapon of choice is not power but force.

Why is this distinction important? 

Because when we know the difference, we can act and react differently.

In the face of force, we can comply to live and survive while not losing our power. 

If we see the brute as more powerful than us, we have become victims. Our power diminishes. 

No one can take our power away. Only we can lose it. Under circumstances of force, we have choices in how we respond. 

Giving up our power is not a good choice.

Photo Taken September 10th  2023