No sincere commitment is ever in vain

A wish is ephemeral. Like a dandelion seed blowing in the wind, untethered, not connected to anything that might animate it to life. It needs to land; it needs to land on fertile ground, and it needs to be nourished by soil and water in order to become what it desires.

Commitment requires action, deliberate, wholehearted. All-in.

It takes courage. We might not get it right.

The very act of being committed to changes the field of play. 

We often get lost in what to do…too many choices…and in the indecision stall.

Life needs movement. The smallest of small movements done with wholehearted commitment effects a course of change that will bring unable-to-be-predicted precessional outcomes.

Take a step. Take it with your whole heart.

December 21st 2019

Photo taken December 21st, 2019