Human dynamics are complex. Co-ordinating people around a central purpose can be hard. The ‘herding cats’ experience. Very cool cats do not want to be herded.

Pushing and pulling is not an elegant model. Yet it is the one our world has thrived on for the last century or so. We push marketing and sales. Even the “pull” strategy evokes an effort by the person doing the ‘pulling’ that is possibly counter to the person being pulled. Might I say manipulation?

To get people to volunteer to move towards the ‘thing’ because they want to, because they have chosen to with full knowledge and consciousness, this is where we slip into honour and respect for the sovereign choice of people.

To do that, the ‘thing’ needs to resonate at a high frequency, a purpose that speaks so loudly it cannot be ignored.

In our current culture the ‘thing’ is often a celebrity of some form. And the person chooses it out of a lack of their own self/something. I want that celebrity to substitute for my own sense of lack.

Is it possible to choose to move towards the ‘thing’ out of simple and pure desire? Not out of lack, emptiness, or a diminished sense of self?

Yes, yes, yes!!  This is what great art does. It calls through our cells to a desire. I want that. It doesn’ take away from my sovereignty, because NO thing can do that without my permission.

The sweet question…how do we build the enterprises where the ‘thing’ is an attractor based on desire. That it is generative, not subtractive? That in the ‘things’ presence the Universe expands?

That in the ‘things’ presence I/We/Us becomes more than when we are alone?

Good question.

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