Notice my hypocrisy

If I list the places and behaviours that I rail against the most – hypocrisy, cruelty, exploitation, righteousness, injustice – where do these reside in me?

Where am I the hypocrite?

Where am I cruel? 

Whom or what do I exploit?

How am I righteous?

How do I treat others in reference to justice?

I am aware these attributes live in me. It is so easy for me to point the finger at the other.

The hard work is to turn my finger back to me. To unpick my hypocrisy. 

My cruelty lives in my quickness to judge, to cast aside people for a set of behaviours often triggered by ignorance born from a cultural context.

I know righteousness well. An old friend, I am ever mindful that my tinge of satisfaction that comes with being right is a form of domination.

There are whole areas I judge where my knowledge and experience are scant. I ask people to judge me only if they are in the arena with me, but I do not do the same in many contexts. This is one expression of my hypocrisy.

Ah, this human stuff is difficult. What I do know is that the more I reflect on my behaviours and notice my hypocrisy, the more I can extend a field of grace to others.

Photo Taken February 24th 2024