In the Dare to Care Workshop, we teach that true communication is the response you get.

Not just from what you say, but also from what you do, what you intend, how you participate, and what you expect, stated or unstated. 

True communication is the response we get to being.

This is hard medicine. 

It is very different to the bad medicine I believed for a while that I create the whole of my reality. This bad medicine has me believe that I am a god, able to bend Universe to my will, known or unknown. I have seen people who suffer terminal cancer being accused of creating their cancer. While there might be a partial truth in this – smoking, lack of self-care, exposure to toxic chemicals – to make this 100% of the responsibility of the cancer sufferer is to deny the invisible, the sacred, Universe. The other dimension of which we know little and which is beyond our grasp to control. 

Yet by noticing the world around me, the love, joy, or suffering and hardship, I can consider that if I change how I show up in the world, the world changes. 

It is a partnership and a dance. Our presence, and the world that is present to us. 

When we change how we participate, the world in which we participate also changes. It is impossible not to.

Give it a try. 

Feeling angry and frustrated. Notice the world.

Now try smiling at a stranger or three. Reaching out to lend a hand to someone, without any expectation of exchange. Be joyous. Act with kindness. 

Notice the world.

This is the power you and I hold at any time. 

We can lead change through anger and violence, or love and kindness.

Photo Taken January 29th 2024