Observing my addictive behaviour

AI and Social Media are designed for addiction. They succeed when their subjects become addicted to time on site. 

They do this by sponsoring anger, righteous indignation and fear. 

I watched myself scroll Twitter, noticing how I would get that little hit from reading something that made me angry or righteous. It is such a small, almost missable, reaction.

Yet there it was. Multiply this by 10 or 100, and we are caught in the hook, lost down the deliberately designed rabbit hole of capture.

We have to see it for what it is. Call it out. 

And pull the plug.

Observing my addictive behaviour, that little hit of righteousness with a whiff of superiority is an important next step. In myself I can see reflected those who have gained powerful public platforms propagating fear and anger. The very people I despise. The fractal of this behaviour lives in me. 

To change the world I must first notice how I contribute to the world I seek to change. And in noticing, stop doing the same.


Photo Taken April 16th 2023