To serve another…what a gift.

To welcome them into your place of business as treasured guests.

To give then a seat at the table, a voice. A vote.

To see them.

To be genuinely interested in their world, and why they came here today to do business with you.

It sounds so very easy. Yet it is rare.

For to be able to serve another we must first be able to see through the eyes of the other. We must want to see through the eyes of the other. They must matter.

This morning I spent some time back on old turf, observing a fellow Chiropractor as he attended to his clients.

I saw physical pain, but mostly I saw emotional and spiritual pain. I saw people who simply wanted to be touched.

As Mark Rowland from the Downtown Project in Las Vegas says, humans are seeking collisions with their fellows. We want to run into each other. We long to touch.

To serve is to love. It matters not what our business is.

When love is present people will come. Healing happens.

Love and business, a beautiful alchemy.


Photo credit: Fabio Gismondi via Compfight



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