On leadership and responsibility

Pollution has been cheaper than responsibility.

To be responsible is to be able to see the whole field, and to know that with this act, ripples will affect these areas for this long. Responsibility pairs with comprehensive consideration.

Yet the structures that make the world go around are designed for short-term, endless growth, and winner-takes-all all.

Can a leader in this time pretend ignorance of their acts and decisions and hide behind the human-made systems that say endless growth, monetary accumulation, extraction to extinction, and all forms of exploitation are simply how things are done?

I think the time has passed to pretend ignorance.

But what to do? This is the question.

We are at a new frontier of how we support all human and earth thriving. Our old models are not serving a future for anyone, even those with financial wealth and political power.

It is time to turn ninety degrees, to look to a future that includes new models, like Doughnut Economics, to design new ways to co-ordinate human enterprise, to create new forms of currency that enable long-term consideration and increased Common Wealth for all, and to design new methods of political stewardship that removes all forms of contamination from winner takes all energies.

Using the gifts we are so abundantly endowed with, we can do this.

The question is…will we?

This is my work. This is Syntropic Enterprise. Please join me in this needed collaboration.

July 22nd 2019

Photo taken July 22nd, 2019