On partnering

Clearly know the purpose of your partnering.

Talk about it with frequency, giving it – your collective purpose – attention and love.

Be very clear on the values and boundaries, and the consequences of violating either.

Discuss what happens when your purpose is reached, well before it is reached.

Share, in writing and words, what you have the capacity, willingness and desire to bring to the partnering, in all domains, and what you might expect in return. Revisit this regularly, as everything changes. Take responsibility for speaking to the changes as they emerge. 

Attend to any miscommunication and disruption in the flow at the first available moment, before it might escalate.

Invest in the quality and nature of the relationship, as if it is the most important element of what your partnering is seeking to create. It might well be the most important element of all.

Do these things with love, care, consideration and joy. Synergy will be the result, where what your partnering creates is exponentially greater than you could create  without the partnering.

PS. For an expression of this type of partnering, see the Trust Manifesto, available under the Creative Commons, here. www.syntropic.world/syntropicmark

December 17th 2019

Photo taken December 17th, 2019