On Surplus

..when we have extra, more than enough.

When we have more than enough of something, be that time, energy, money, love, things, knowledge…

Perhaps we might make our surplus useful to those who may not have enough.

Stagnation and idle accumulation do not create conditions conducive to life. Life is flow, movement, dynamism, engagement.

This is one of the design faults of our monetary system. To accumulate, to horde, capital accretes value. Designed in scarcity, it is held tightly by those who have, so that they might have more.

Our monetary system is but one form of currency. We have millions of other currencies, but until they are registered on the great register that determines a person’s or nation’s wealth,’ they are not seen as valuable. 

We have a choice. Do we wait for those who decide who decide to create better systems for acknowledging true wealth, to create measures that respect the abundance in preference to that which is in scarcity, or, do we create these systems ourselves?

Let us bring our surplus to the tables of offering and design ways to respect the surplus wealth that we have as the true wealth.

Scarcity is the illusion that keeps us thinking we are small and powerless.

May 1st 2019

Photo taken April 30th, 2019