On this day

A blue supermoon. 

The chance for Australians to recognise their First Nations people for the first time in the Constitution.

The last day of winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

Cyclones and floods in Florida.

Another coup in West Africa, as colonised nations try to find an identity after being raped and pillaged by the Global North and greed in their own ranks.

Whales breaching as they head back to the Antarctic. Dolphins playing right in front of my eyes. 

The background hum of chatter in my coffee shop as I type. 

My love sitting beside me, three weeks into recovery from one heart surgery. Grateful for life. For our healthcare system. For amazing surgeons. 

My little dog befriends anyone who comes in to buy coffee, working her way to more pats and coos for her cuteness.

My birthday. 

This strange event of age. I am still reconciling it. Making peace with issues I cannot change. Loving the wisdom that comes as my body behaves with less resilience. Loving that what matters most takes precedence over everything, unabashedly. Mystified that I spent so much of my youth worrying about such petty things.

On this day, I affirm more love, gratitude and kindness. 

When we have a choice, which path do we choose? Towards kindness or back into division.

Photo Taken August 31st  2023