One moment this and then that



On this day as a dear friend has had her life turned upside down with a cancer diagnosis on top of paralysis from the waist down due to the cancer – as her first symptom, and my beautiful daughter celebrates her birthday, I am reminded again of the tenuousness of life.

One moment this, and then that.

Disaster. To joy. Joy to disaster. Blink, and everything is changed.


Maturity will teach you to cherish the moment. To seize the day. To say yes to the times spent with family and friends as a priority.

To know that in the midst of despair, miracles will appear. As it is now is not how it will be sometime soon.

It is the way.

Say yes to time with your loved ones. Every time. Busy doesn’t cut it.

Love, connection, shared experiences…these are our treasures.

February 16th 2018

Photo Taken May 30th 2015


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