One person one vote. But does this work?

Pure democracy, which is far from what we currently have anywhere, is based on one person, one vote.

Which means that Adolf Hitler gets the same vote as the Dali Lama.

When we have a world stacked with a majority of Hitler equivalents, then we would literally (or we are) going backwards.

The arrow of evolution seeks other ways where wisdom can lead. 

But how? 

Fortunately, we have devised rigorous assessments that determine an individual’s moral, ethical, spiritual and cognitive lines of development. (Plus others as needed) A significant but still flawed advance on the IQ test.

Perhaps in a representative democracy, the starting place for public service might be a rigorous assessment. Only those with benchmarked intelligences in multiple domains pass to the next stage. Including but limited to empathy and compassion.

Followed by an apprenticeship that is fully transparent in the public domain.

And then the vote.

Throw in some very clear rules and agreements, including having all campaign funds be taken from the taxpayer fund and equal to all, again with 100% transparency. (Can we please take the absence money out of politics?)

And limited terms for all, including a sliding exit out of office, where they can find other work, not become dependent on the ‘after’ pay (because it won’t be there) and participate in the wisdom and knowledge transfer to the incoming candidates.

This is not perfect, as no system would be. 

But it might create a world led by wise people seeking to truly serve others, who have demonstrated their commitment through the ‘extended’ rigorous and transparent application process towards the future wellbeing of all humans and Earth.


July 23rd 2019

Photo taken July 23rd, 2019