Women who have gestated a baby and born a child know something about the process of birthing creativity in an embodied way.

Nature has its own gestation rate. Try to rush the birth of a baby. Or a flower. Or anything for that matter, including a business.

Birth of any kind, be it baby, a business, art…has a pattern to it.

Sometimes the seed generation is intentional, and sometimes it is by accident. But once it starts it unfolds in a particular way.

In the early days, often before the parents are aware that there is a baby coming, some of the most critical elements are laid down. In humans this is the neurological pathways. In business this is the skills, tools and background that bring you exactly to this point of birthing a business.

The mother’s body goes through changes that are irreversible. She may bloom with health or suffer badly. If the seed does not get laid down in fertile ground it may be ejected. As you birth a business you will go through many changes, most of them irreversible, many of them uncomfortable.

As the baby grows, the discomfort to the mother often becomes more extreme.

In the final weeks most women will tell you they have had enough. They want the baby born. But if the baby is born too soon its lungs will not be well developed and it may experience breathing difficulties.

So to birthing a business. Or a project within a business. Prior to the birth much foundational work needs to be done. Pathways need to be laid, connections made, structures and forms built. This can be messy, uncomfortable, difficult, frustrating. You want to get this out into the world with a form and shape. Your emotions may be all over the place, from extreme highs to extreme lows. Fear and anxiety about the business you are birthing are real. Do you have any idea how you are going to manage? What to do? How it will impact your life?

And then, in the final stages, you impatience may soar. Let’s just get this happening. Now. But to push the process at this point will only end in disaster. You need to endure. Hang on. Complete the gestation process. Not so much that you are paralysed with perfection and the business remains in the foetal stage, but certainly not too fast to birth an ill prepared business. This time can be frustrating, uncomfortable…you may be restless, impatient, champing at the bit.

They say timing is everything. Tuning into the right time, the kairos time, to bring your business from gestation to form, is an act of wisdom and deep attention/listening. It is a collaboration between you as the steward, and the business that is being born.

Recognising that there is a gestation and birthing process to all things is a useful aid as you go through this journey. Tuning into the flow and development of your business as it gestates is extremely important. Refusing to get caught up in your own egoic wants and needs around timing brings maturity and wisdom to this process. It is a dance between you and the new business that requires deep respect and attention.

Given each business is different, the gestation to birth will be different for each business. The more resources there are at hand, the faster this may be. But there is a sweet spot. The right time. The kairos time.

I know this well. At this very point my business is in the final stages of pregnancy. I long to get this happening in the physical world. I am frustrated with what feels like nothing going on. But everything is going on. Business structures, agreements, strategies, relationships, values, ethos…plus the changes within me that will allow this business to flourish. We will all be healthy for this time of foundational, gestational work.

Does this resonate with you?

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