Open, arrested, closed

If your mind is closed to the new, an idea, a position, an opinion…then you are by default closed to the dance of engagement with a living Universe that is constantly in a state of emergence.

To be closed is to be in entropy. Decay. To already be old, no matter your age.

To be arrested is to enable possibility. There is a crack in the door and a small amount of light can get in.

To live, to be engaged with the full spectrum of life, is to be open. This does require discernment. The false from the true. 

To be curious, to ask soaring questions, to seek to understand, to invite truth that might be partial yet incomplete or out of context, to seek experiences that you never thought possible, this is to live with life as it unfolds. It is uncertain, often confusing, often pure delight. You are guaranteed not to know so much yet to discover so much more. 

It is in the open crucible that our essential nature, our Pattern Integrity, is refined.

May 22nd 2020

Photo taken May 22nd, 2020