Open mind open heart

Consider a decision you are making.


Ask yourself, if you dare, how open is your mind is to the whole field of this decision. Is it closed completely, is there a window of possibility that you could change your mind? If not, if you are closed and resolute, admit your status of fundamentalism.

How open is your heart to this decision? When you consider the emotional swells around this decision, do you feel a tempest of rage and indignation, or is there a softening, an arrival at a peaceful place where love and beauty are found?  

Open mind open heart allow life and flow. 

When we shut our minds and close our hearts, we are relics of life – already in decay. 

Life is emergence, novelty, and change. Sticking our heels in the sand and being rigid to possibility and emergence is anti-life.

Photo Taken September 19th  2023

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