In Part 3 I raised the example of a friend or family member lending your money (or time), coming from a place of deeply caring about you, wanting to support you, and willing to engage in supporting your viable and healthy future.

This is not the same type of debt as debt as indenture. It is closer to the debt I wrote about in Part 2. Owing in gratitude.

Here is the impulse. I, the lender, right now have money or time in surplus. (Or what ever else…food…frequent flyer miles..etc) You, the person I am lending to, have right now a need for money or time. From a place of abundance, support, care for you, interest in your well being I lend to you money, or time.

That is not the end of it. I am invested in your success. I want you to succeed. I know you well enough to know how you might succeed, what you are doing to create. Not because I primarily want my money back, but because when you succeed, we all do. And from this place you might be able to contribute to another, who in this moment needs something that you now have in abundance. And so the cycle goes.

It is not a transaction. It is a relationship. It arises from a place of abundance, not from a placing of ‘getting’ or ‘taking.’

Sure there are risks. But when someone lends to me from this place, with a purity of giving based on abundance, care and true generosity, my impulse is to honour that in the deepest way possible. Through my attunement to the frequency of abundance, I am more likely to create more.

In distinction to debt as indenture, where I am already lacking sovereignty, where I am enslaved…from this place it is hard to attune to abundance. It is hard to feel alive about much at all. The very act carries with it a density and mortgage. (death)

When someone lends to me in recognition of my own sovereignty, they honour me. I will accept based on gratitude. And we will partner in the mutual success for all.

This is credit. Get the difference? Being honoured for being a sovereign human. Wow. Wow. What a gift. What a joy. For everyone.

The origin of the word  credit is from Latin…and would you guess…it means trust.

Imagine businesses built on this….??

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Photo credit: Creative Commons License Mike Baird via Compfight