Pattern Integrity

It may take a lifetime to know our Pattern Integrity, the fingerprint of our Soul that is uniquely, extraordinarily ours.

Our entire biology may be renewed, yet this Pattern Integrity of ours is there when we wake after a deep dreamless sleep.

Some people are born with the knowing of its expression. They are raised in an environment that nourishes their Pattern Integrity, allowing it to lead life forward.

Others have the light of their Pattern Integrity dimmed as a child and young adult. They stumble and lurch from trial and expression, seeking to find the place that says here. Yes. Home. Me.

It can never be completely lost. Like breadcrumbs on the trail, it calls us to turn right when left seems the more reasonable option.

Tune it. Stop. Listen. 


It calls your name. Softly, so softly through the din. Then urgently. 

Find a thread. A single thread will do. Hold to it. 

It will guide you home.

March 3rd 2019

Photo taken March 3rd 2019


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