Patternings vs Patterns

Part of seeing systems is seeing patterns. Life is patterns in patterns. Stand in a different spot and see a different pattern. Tilt your head…another pattern…

The movement is in our shift, the pattern is there, static.

Patterning is active. The process of making, or living the experience of patterns.

To be patterning is to be engaged with creation. To be patterning is to evoke precession, an affect at 90 degrees to our action.

We are all patterning to some degree, through the very nature of existence.

To walk creates an invisible patterning in the field. Air flows and molecules move around us. The impact of our feet on the ground creates a miniature Earthquake.

Why is this distinction between patterning and patters worth consideration?

Making sense requires seeing patterns. Living life is to be a creative force of patterning.

The sum of our life can be seen in the patterns, the precessional effect of our life can be felt in how we have created patternings.

Like dropping a stone into water, ripples go out…

The question, are the patternings of your life and enterprise towards Syntropy? Towards a higher order for an eternally regenerative Universe? 

Or do you leave in your patternings a wake of entropy, destruction, breakdown?

September 13th 2019

Photo Taken September 13th, 2019